Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my childs eyes tested?

You should have your childs eyes tested at least once before they start school, and earlier if there is any family history of any eye problems such as turned or lazy eyes. Being parents themselves, all of the optometrists are very comfortable and capable of testing young children and most staff members have children which makes for a child friendly environment.

How often should I get my eyes tested?

In most circumstances every 2 years is enough. However if you have an existing eye condition or health condition such as Diabetes or high blood pressure it will be more regular. Your optometrist will inform you of when you are due next, and we will send you a reminder letter.

How long does it take?

On average an eye test takes 20-30 minutes. The optometrist may recommend further tests which may be completed that day, or it may be necessary for another appointment to be made.

How much does it cost?

If you are an Australian resident, the eye exam is paid by Medicare so there is no charge to you. Based on the optometrists recommendations from results of your test, if you request a retinal photo the charge is $34.

I am in a health fund, is it no gap?

This does depend a little on your level of cover and also what type of lenses you need. In most circumstances we can offer no gap glasses if you are happy to compromise on the quality of the lens or frame. We are able to cater to what your goals are in terms of balancing affordability and quality.

I am a diabetic how often should I get my eyes tested?

In most cases diabetics should be tested at least every year. At this visit your optometrist will put drops in your eyes to make your pupil bigger. This allows for a wider view of your retina. If any problems are detected, we will organise a referral to your ophthalmologist, or if everything is healthy we will inform you of when you are due for your next check up, and a reminder letter will be posted to you.

How do I get those coloured contacts?

We regularly have customers who think they can just walk in and buy coloured contacts. As optometrists we are aware this can be done in some clothing outlets and this raises much concern for us. Contacts should be worn with full education on how to wear, clean and care for the lenses properly as serious sight threatening infections can occur from the improper use of contact lenses. For this reason coloured lenses a fitted by the optometrist with the same care and technique of regular contact lenses. Our dispensing staff can easily organise an appointment for this.

How do I choose the right glasses?

The best way to choose the right glasses is to see an optometrist.

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